Supporters of La Jolla Playhouse

Major supporters of the La Jolla Playhouse gathered in the courtyard of the Mandell Weiss Forum for a pre-curtain gala before entering the Potiker Theater for the opening-night performance of “The Adding Machine.”

Board President Ralph Bryan welcomed the guests to VIP donor night and introduced the new artistic director, Christopher Ashley - who made his first appearance at a Playhouse event. As Bryan enthused, “Chris has put together one of the best teams in America.”

The large local guest list enjoying hors d’oeuvres and cocktails before the performance included Don Breitenberg and Jeanne Jones, Hamilton and Estelle Loeb, Rita Bronowski (who celebrated her 90th birthday just days before), Ellen Revelle, Gloria Penner, Jeff Britton and Emmy Martinez, Rosanne and Joel Holliday, Molli and Arthur Wagner and Alan and Judy Robbins.