Superior Court judge rules on Promote La Jolla board elections


A Feb. 8 ruling by Superior Court Judge John S. Meyer may lead to Nancy Warwick and Bob Collins taking seats as board members of Promote La Jolla.

The decision was handed down after oral arguments by both parties regarding September 2007 board election results.

According to the suit filed on Dec. 10, 2007 by Warwick and Collins, candidates Greg Rizzi and Izzy Tihany were not qualified to serve on the board, pursuant to the organization’s bylaws. As the candidates to receive the next most votes, Warwick and Collins argued that they should have been seated on the board.

The lawsuit also alleged that Promote La Jolla was opposed to Warwick and Collins holding board positions because of their opposition to paid street parking.

Steven W. Haskins, attorney for Warwick and Collins, said he is preparing the order for the judge to sign. He said this case is very unusual, and that cases falling under corporation code laws rarely occur.

Deborah Marengo, president of Promote La Jolla would not comment except to say, “At this point, I’m treating this as ongoing litigation.”

Board members will have a closed meeting with their attorney following the Feb. 20 board meeting to decide if they will appeal the ruling.