La Jolla orthodontist replaces grass with pavement to save water

In an effort to conserve water — and prevent the further accumulation of dog droppings — Robert Sunstein, D.D.S. had the grass in front of his building replaced with decorative pavement. The Montrachet Building, which houses residences and businesses, including Sunstein’s practice, is on the 7500 block of Eads Avenue.

“The grass here before constantly had dog poop on it, and because we’re in a drought, we wanted to shut off the water used for landscaping,” Sunstein told La Jolla Light. “So it was for the beautification of La Jolla and to save water that we did this.”

Three weeks ago, the city lined the curbside of the street with bricks in a pleasing pattern. Sunstein said the process took years — between the permitting and approval from residents affected — so he encourages those who would also like pavement installed to start investigating now.