“Sunday La Jolla Tour of Homes” is introduced

The inaugural La Jolla Tour of Homes is this Sunday, July 6, from 1 – 4 p.m.

The tour is meant to answer the needs of buyers and sellers. Because the community of La Jolla restricts the posting of residential “For Sale” signs, it can be difficult for buyers to locate available property.

With the Sunday La Jolla Tour of Homes, buyers see six homes in three hours. Tours run every Sunday, providing buyers with the opportunity to view a select group of La Jolla’s newest home listings. Buyers follow the Sunday La Jolla Tour of Homes caravan in their own cars. At each location a tour guide accompanies the group into the home, oversees a 10-minute viewing and then moves everyone to the next property.

The Tour Guides are licensed agents who are available to answer questions regarding the homes and arrange future private viewings for interested parties. Because everyone drives separately, buyers have the opportunity to discreetly discuss each home, taking time to gauge their true interest. This creates a pressure-free buying experience. Private Tours for buyers can also be arranged.

The Sunday La Jolla Tour of Homes is meant to be a convenient, efficient and productive method for everyone involved. Sellers get pre-qualified buyers to view the home. Buyers get to openly evaluate their interest in a home before investing time in learning more than necessary about the property. The agent knows that if someone chooses to follow-up with a private viewing, the opportunity to showcase the residence is greater because the buyer has already established a desire to make the property their home.

In a metro market, 20 percent of all sales occur as a result of signage. This is an unavailable method of sale in La Jolla. Having Tours guided by qualified agents meets the needs of the modern buyer and seller alike.

To learn more about traveling with the Sunday La Jolla Tour of Homes or how to feature your home on a tour visit

or contact Prudential California Realty at (858) 454-0976 for a reservation.