Summer surf camps nurture mind, body, spirit

Link value to learning and it’s easy to see why many knowledgeable parents choose to send their children to a qualified professional summer surfing camp. In addition to being good clean fun, surfing is a great conduit for higher learning and personal growth, both physically and mentally.

Participants are exposed to living art, science, physics, physical education, mind and body coordination and much more. A small investment in a proper youth surfing program yields giant payoffs. Valuable skills, knowledge and experiences learned from qualified surfing programs during the summer months continue to endure and benefit students for a lifetime. Long after the ride is over the feeling goes on.

Qualified professional surfing camps offer experience, wisdom and insight into surfing, ocean awareness, and the surfing zone that can be attained no where else. After all, no one has spent more time in the surfing zone or accumulated more information on surfing zone safety than experienced surfers. Surfing camps are a step up from Jr. Lifeguards and other ocean-related swimming programs. They have to be. In the surfing zone the extra challenge, thrill and excitement of the ocean experience is amplified, so is personal responsibility. One of the coolest things about surfing camps is where they take place - the surfing zone. While most swimmers stay within the breakers, surfers like to venture further out, enjoying nature’s splendor to the fullest. The joy in a child’s innocent face is just as great whether surfing a wave or seeing a baby seal pop its head up nearby. The essence of surfing is so much more than riding waves in ecstasy. Students develop a closer relationship with the surrounding environment and themselves. Just watching a dolphin rise is proven to stimulate an area of the brain that promotes well being, happiness and inner harmony. How about witnessing a pelican gracefully gliding along the crest of a wave. To enjoy life while standing on a surfboard is truly standing on top of the world.

Why do knowing parents choose surfing camps? Surfing is proven to promote complete awareness, health, happiness, respect, responsibility, confidence and positive outlook for life.

Students who learn to succeed at riding a wave learn they can succeed at anything and everything their heart desires, provided they have the proper information to do so. Students also learn wipeouts are a big part of surfing and life. When you fall off the surfboard, get right back on and try again. Students learn to persist in their goals to succeed just as they have to persist in paddling to get to the waves.

Before choosing a qualified surfing program or summer camp there are a few questions caring parents may want to ask. For example, what makes your surfing program different from others? What are your surfing and water safety qualifications to teach my child? In other words, how can I trust my child is getting the very best introduction to ocean safety and surfing in the surfing zone?

Southern California is one of the best places in the world to learn to surf and also home of arguably some of the finest, standard setting, qualified surfing programs and instructors in the world. The future of surfing is found within the youth of today. May the youth of today enjoy and experience the positive benefits of surfing for many generations to come. Never has learning been so fun as it can be while learning to surf. Aloha, pass it on. E-mail surfing experts Michael and Milton Willis at