Summer internships hold life lessons

Editor’s note:

The La Jolla Light put out a request to local students for reports on summer internships. We received these two, and share them with readers in the hope they motivate other students to plan for next summer!
Life as an entrepreneur

By Susan Healy

SDSU Business

As a San Diego State University senior, I have completed internships and work experience in the past, but the one I worked on this summer, Coastwise Capital Group LLC on Prospect Street, is distinguished.

Entering the position, I was looking to gain as much knowledge as possible regarding finance, investments, professional etiquette, marketing and the like. Although I did learn about the former, I actually walked away with an unanticipated knowledge of what it takes to be a powerful entrepreneur.

Coastwise’s chief investment officer, Scott G. Kyle, set a great example for me. What I really discovered was what it takes to not only run your own business, but how to run an exceptional and flourishing business. Aside from his investment practice, Kyle goes above and beyond and has composed a book, writes weekly business columns, and is even a philanthropist. As an intern, I observed the outcomes of his commitment, creativity and innovative thinking.

Personally, I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur above anything else, which is why I entered the SDSU Business program. Although my original intentions were to gain only finance-related work experience, I have learned from Kyle some key concepts of what it takes to be an outstanding businessperson. I was lucky enough to gain this hands-on training, and it makes me excited to begin my own career with the same type of tenacity.