Study puts San Diego at top in alcohol-related violations


City News Service

San Diego has the highest percentage of drivers with alcohol-related driving violations among the nation’s 20 largest cities, according to a study released Monday.

The study by the insurance information

was based on information reported by users seeking auto premium quotes over the last three years.

Three other California cities were on the list - San Jose was second, Los Angeles seventh and San Francisco eighth.

Though factors such as proximity to colleges or popular urban night-life centers might affect a city’s level of alcohol-related violations, strict law enforcement also could play a key role, the study notes.

Here is the ranking of the cities studied. Boston was excluded due to lack of available data.

1) San Diego

2) San Jose

3) Charlotte, N.C.

4) Phoenix

5) Columbus, Ohio

6) Indianapolis

7) Los Angeles

8) San Francisco

9) Austin, Texas

10) Jacksonville, Fla.

11) San Antonio

12) Dallas

13) Houston

14) Fort Worth, Texas

15) Memphis, Tenn.

16) Philadelphia

17) New York

18) Baltimore

19) Chicago

20) Detroit