Students say ‘oui oui’ to French-American education in La Jolla

From French-American School Reports

San Diego French-American School offers an outstanding bilingual education for children in pre-elementary school through the eighth grade and prepares students to enter an American or an international high school.

Determined to give their children the best advantages in life, the French start public school at age 3. Intent on continuing this excellence abroad, SDFAS teachers in the pre-elementary school distinguish themselves by following the academic program of the French Ministry of Education and they hold the equivalent of a master’s degree in education and a French teaching credential. They are qualified to teach from pre-elementary through the fifth grade, having a unique understanding of what is expected at each age level. Add to this the teaching styles of American independent school teachers and you have an educational mix that challenges students to become true global citizens.

Whereas American education is known for teaching students to be well spoken and creative, the French education system excels in executive function: planning, organizing and encouraging autonomy and critical thinking at an early age. French structure and American ingenuity make for well-rounded, motivated, multilingual and fun individuals prepared for the 21st century.

SDFAS accepts both non-French and non-English speakers. Because the upper grades are taught in combined French and English, it is advantageous for students unfamiliar with french to enroll in pre-elementary or early elementary school.

Children do not have to speak french at home to become bilingual in French and English. In fact, the school has a strong support system in place for helping these students, such as The Learning Center, French as a foreign Language support, and after school homework classes.

— The San Diego French-American School is at 6650 Soledad Mountain Road, La Jolla. For more information, contact (858) 456-2807, e-mail: or visit

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