<strong>Make Rec Center better</strong>


Make Rec Center better

I love the idea of a skate park at the Rec Center, I think the center is too focused on small children and old people. It would be great to have a world-class Rec Center. I am sure few people realize our center was one of the first in America, thanks to Ellen Scripps.

I am also sure few people realize one of the first skateboards in America came out of La Jolla. It is a shame that some people have such an unkind feeling about skateboarders, but I guess snowboarders were looked down on as well. There are probably more kids that skate in La Jolla than any other sport.

We need to get with the times. How fun it would be to have jazz and blues concerts at the center and some fun summer dances under the stars. I love skaters. I was one and can’t wait to see them at the Rec Center.

Melinda Merryweather

La Jolla

Safety vs. seals our loss

Being a surfer, one thing I always have liked about San Diego is that we used to have some of the safest beaches in the world. We have had the fewest shark attacks of anywhere in the world with such a large beachgoing population. I have heard people in favor of keeping seals on the beach created for children say that the seals won’t attract any more great white sharks than have always cruised this area.

I once stated, politely, in front of the crowd watching the seals that I wish the people trying to get rid of them would succeed. Everyone looked at me like I was evil incarnate. The girl working the pro-seals table started giving me a hard time. I told her how I felt about seals making it unsafe to surf here. She said fine, she hoped some people get eaten by sharks. She’d rather people get eaten by sharks than shoo away the seals. To me that just seems like political correctness gone crazy. ... It’s just one more piece of the best part of old San Diego lost forever.

Roger Raffee

La Jolla

Garden a learning experience

Finding another of La Jolla’s best (March 11 La Jolla Light), I had to discover for myself what is La Jolla’s solution to growing naturally in an obscure, at one time neglected spot, behind La Jolla High School. What a great garden! And community camaraderie as well.

At their doorstep, those students have a great opportunity to learn, to eat healthy and get their fingers in the soil, which could be a lifelong hobby. In this time of school cutbacks, there is a wealth of hands-on knowledge for Latin, botany, vocabulary, spelling in these plants. Please support these unassuming souls.

Mary J. Campbell

La Jolla