Stiletto-wearing celeb Victoria Beckham incites health warnings – but are shoes really to blame for bunions?

By Jay S. Berenter, DPM, FACFAS

Hollywood beauties and bunion surgery may seem an unlikely pair when it comes to tabloid headlines; but after several media outlets including

Access Hollywood


People Magazine

covered Victoria Beckham’s penchant for sky-high stilettos during her pregnancy – and the bunion surgery and back problems that supposedly followed –

USA Today

ran a piece outlining top shoe trends that some believe contribute to painful bunions and other foot and posture disorders. However, what fashionistas and average folks alike may fail to realize is that most bunion cases are hereditary – and that, while there is certainly a distinction between supportive and purely decorative footwear, it often has little to do with an individual’s need for bunion surgery.

According to USA Today, long-term use of stilettos and other forms of offending footwear (including flip-flops, UGG boots, thin-soled flats and rocker-bottom walking shoes) can lead to myriad health concerns ranging from hammer toes and heel spurs to plantar fasciitis, ankle problems -- and abnormal, painful bumps known as bunions that form on the joint at the base of the big toe. As an experienced podiatric surgeon and practicing

San Diego podiatrist

, I have examined countless bunion cases and performed many surgeries to correct instances of this disorder; and in most cases, patient’s bunions are in fact the result of inherited structural defects to the foot – and have little if anything to do with one’s taste in shoes.

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Shoe choice may not be the leading cause of bunions – but for those who suffer from the condition, even the most practical and comfortable footwear can become painful due to trademark swelling, soreness, restricted big toe movement and other common bunion symptoms. Some bunions are fairly benign; however, you may require medical treatment or even bunion surgery if you experience the following symptoms:
  • Continuous foot pain or big toe pain
  • Visible swelling or a bump on the big toe joint
  • Limited motion of the big toe or entire foot
  • Inability to find comfortable, well-fitting shoes
Bunions are a progressive disorder, and only grow more painful with time. However, a safe and successful out-patient bunion surgery can transform patients’ ability to walk, run and wear shoes comfortably – and at our

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clinic, we prioritize patient safety and convenience to help get San Diegans back on their feet as quickly as possible. Minimize and prevent bunion pain by visiting us at the first sign of symptoms for proper treatment. To learn more or schedule an appointment, visit us online: