Stella Maris team wins decathlon

The sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders of the Stella Maris Academy’s Academic Decathlon Team recently captured First Place Overall in the Junior High Academic Decathlon and will represent the San Diego Diocese in the statewide competition in Orange County on May 2.

Competing against 18 other area schools, including one from Las Vegas, the ten-member Team not only scored first honors but took five other honors, as well.

Eighth-graders Abby Balmert won First Place in English and Michael Wayne in Mathematics.

“I have been continually amazed at the performance of these students this year considering the amount of material that is placed before them in addition to their regular studies,” said Jan Zipp, the team’s faculty adviser.

Team members earning individual awards were eighth graders Eileen Kitrick, who placed third in Fine Arts, and Julia Slupska, third in Social Studies.

Seventh-grader Storm Star placed sixth in Science.

Sixth-graders Daniela Anastasi came in fifth in Social Studies and Libby Noya placed sixth in Literature.

Rounding out the team were Collin Dillingham, grade 7, and Luke Bucon and Emily Fuster, both in grade 6.

  • Courtesy of Stella Maris

Sample question

Here’s one of the questions from the Junior High Academic Decathlon recently won by Stella Maris students:

Unscramble the words to determine which of the following does not belong:


  2. BNIOR




(Answer: #5 Giraffe does not belong. The others are swallow, robin, nightingale and ostrich)