Stella Maris student becomes ambassador

By Erica Choe

Stella Maris Academy student Abigail Balmert has been chosen to represent Junior Achievement of San Diego and Imperial Counties as a Junior Ambassador. Abigail, who goes by Abby, is among 16 junior ambassadors from San Diego County who will represent Junior Achievement to the businesses community. Their task is to show how important Junior Achievement is in their preparation for the real world.

In Junior Achievement, students learn a variety of life skills. Older students apply their learning to running a successful business.

Creating a mock city called “Biztown,” students can interview for jobs, learn how to take out loans, write checks, and do all that is required to start a business.

Abby excelled as an anchorwoman for Biztow.

Her principal, Patricia Lowell, who was also Abby’s first grade teacher, said Abby has always been a natural leader, very confident and able to stand on her own.

Though Abby was an anchorwoman at Biztown, she said she wants to be a doctor. An ob/gyn to be exact. “She loves babies,” said Abby’s mother, Elizabeth.

Abby, who is a Red Cross-certified babysitter, is already looking at Ivy League schools. She said she thinks that that having gone through Junior Achievement is going to be “infinite help not only for me as an ambassador but for my whole class having gone to Biztown.”