Stella Maris Academy tops in Academic Decathlon

Stella Maris Academy’s Academic Dec

athlon team competed in the 32nd annual competition and took first place, besting other teams in San Diego.

The last time the Stella Maris team took first place was in 2009. The team will now go on to the state-level competition May 5 in Rancho Santa Margarita.

The decathlon is comprised of children in grades six through eight, who compete on subjects like Logic, Fine Arts (Art and Music), English, Literature, Science, Mathematics, Current Events, Social Studies, and Roman Catholic doctrine.

Awards are given for individual and team performance.

The high scorers on the Stella Maris team include sixth-grader Madeleine Moreau, first place Religion; seventh-grader Hamilton Allport, first place Social Studies; and eight-grader Justin Washabaugh, second place Math.

”The competition was intense and I’m so proud of the children’s hard work,” said team advisor Olivia Caughey.

Stella Maris Academy, 7654 Herschel Ave., is a Catholic K-8 school focused on the academic, spiritual and social development of its students since 1947.