Squid run arrives offshore


A seasonal run of squid off La Jolla Cove drew an unusually large number of fishing boats and kayaks on Wednesday morning.

With the stars aligned, the tides perfect and water just the right temperature, the squid attracted massive amounts of yellowtail to the local coast line. And Rick Robinson of Leucadia caught one of the big ones - a 53-pounder according to his digital scale.

The fish, caught with a 25-pound test line, took about 30 minutes to pull in, he said.

“My kayak was moving like a motor boat,” he said. “I am taking my fish to Point Loma to get registered and then buying a lottery ticket. I think this is a kayaking record. A catch of a lifetime.”

A spokesman for Seaforth Sport Fishing and another at La Jolla Kayak confirmed the activity is normal for this time of year.

The arrival of the squid draws what are known as “light boats,” which carry bright illumination to attract the cephalopods. Seiners follow to bring in the catch.

While fisherman aboard the accompanying seiners are after the squid, the kayakers are after the yellowtail that follow them, said Shane McCoy at La Jolla Kayak.