Spring home repair list: cut costs with smart inspections and upgrades


By Scott Murfey

With spring weather comes the prime opportunity for homeowners to tackle property inspections – home appraisals that can reveal the need for upgrades to improve safety, help homes run more smoothly and even save money along the way. According to a recent piece in the

Wall Street Journal

, homeowners should inspect their houses twice a year – and make a

home repair list

to take care of jobs that may wind up costing them in the long run. From rooftops to backyard decks, the following repairs can add life and value to your San Diego home. Consider this list a starting point – and always be sure to contact a local contractor to discuss customized repair work and other inspection details.

Home inspection 101: where to start when assessing your property

Here are some wise starting points when it comes to mapping out a spring home repair inspection on your property:
  • Gutters: Cleaning and repairing gutters is a simple and inexpensive yet necessary task with ample preventative value. Without regular maintenance, improperly functioning gutters may allow water to leak into the foundation of your home, leading to expensive damage that vastly outweighs the low cost and relative convenience of gutter cleaning and repair.
  • Roof: Check the roof for damage once the winter weather has passed, and take advantage of temperate spring days to find and replace broken shingles or other maintenance concerns.
  • Vents: Clean vents to guarantee proper ventilation and reduce clogging. Eliminating debris and dust in your vents will lead to fresher air (and less misery during allergy season), as well as more efficient heating and cooling now and into the summer. In addition, it is wise to service the air conditioner before temperatures begin to rise in early summer – and to check caulking and seals surrounding doors and windows to optimize air conditioning efficiency and indoor comfort in the months ahead.
  • Appliances: Make appliance inspections part of your spring cleaning routine, and you just may catch troublesome leaks and breakages before they cause irreversible damage.
  • Deck: Keep a close eye out for loose or rotten boards while cleaning your deck in anticipation of outdoor festivities throughout the spring and summer. Any necessary repairs can be taken care of now and completed before barbeque season kicks in to full gear.
  • Security: In addition to routine battery changes for your smoke detector, consider a few additional steps – such as burglar alarms and deadbolt locks – to heighten home security and snag insurance savings. Many companies offer discounts for basic security measures, and additional cost reductions for more sophisticated systems.

Before you begin: the business of hiring a contractor

Routine home inspections can save money and improve safety in the long run; but in order to ensure the best possible return on your investment, it is important to find the right contractor to do the job. When selecting a contractor, begin by getting referrals from friends or neighbors and checking company references. Make sure the contractor you hire is both licensed and insured. As you discuss your home improvement project, request a written estimate and be sure you and your contractor agree on the scope of work, types of materials to be used and the completion time frame before signing a contract. And finally, choose a professional contractor with proven experience for optimal peace of mind.

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