Speaker In Reverse indie-band plays it ‘Natural’

San Diego indie-pop band Speaker In Reverse released its newest single, “Natural.” The band was founded by Itai Faierman (vocals, guitar, keyboard) and Shae Moseley (drums, vocals). Faierman works as a special education teacher at La Jolla Elementary School, while Moseley is a business development manager in San Diego.

The two met a few years ago when Moseley auditioned for a band Faierman was in. While it didn’t work out at the time, both Faierman and Moseley felt they connected musically. A few months later, they were playing in Moseley’s garage. With no real direction to start, they experimented sonically. Moseley brought in a Home Depot bucket, just to play with the sound it might make as a drum.

“We were listening to this band alt-J at the time,” Faierman said. “The choices they make musically are what I wanted our foundation to be like. I wanted the space in the music to be as important as the notes.”

Jeff Grasmick (piano, keyboard, drums) came on a few months later. Over time, the band added three more people — Sara Schairer, Mason Farnsworth and Rick Newton — for a total of six band members.

Faierman and Moseley agreed it can be a challenge to have such a big group, but said they feel lucky to have found members who are responsible and creative. “They want to be involved with the arrangements of the songs and put their stamp on it,” Moseley said.

The band is recording two new songs with Christopher Hoffee, owner of Chaos Recorders in Escondido. Hoffee lives in a historic home built in the early 1900s, which he has dual purposed into a recording studio, Moseley said.

“We try to track as much as we can just playing live out in his living room. It’s a great sounding room with wood floors and it has a really great vibe,” Moseley said.

Hoffee shares the bands’ attitude that music should not be forced and imperfections should exist. Speaker In Reverse is not focused on pinpoint accuracy, the band wants its music to sound like humans, not computers, made it, Moseley said.

“I really see (Hoffee) as a seventh member in that sense, we are right on the same wavelength,” Faierman said.

When they perform, they make it a special event. Bandmate Schairer (vocals) started her own nonprofit, Compassion It, to raise awareness for kindness and mindfulness. Speaker In Reverse held one show as a fundraiser for the organization.

“I love it, I would like to do it for every show. It’s about sharing the music. If you can, why not do it,” Faierman said.

As of now, Speaker In Reverse has recorded six songs and released four of them. Moseley said in May or June the band will go back to Chaos Recorders and record two more songs, keeping with their plan to only give listeners a little bit of content at a time.

“I always feel accomplished when we get done with something because I feel like it’s us, it’s not forced at all. The idea of being present and in the moment, you get a product that you can be proud of,” Moseley said.

Next on the horizon, Faierman said he would like to start playing more shows outside the San Diego area, reaching Los Angeles, Las Vegas and someday the South by Southwest music festival.

“I think about wanting it to be something that people will connect with … if that’s 100 people who come to our show in South Park at the Whistle Stop, then that’s awesome. If it was 100,000 people who bought our album, then that would be unbelievable to think it resonated with that many people,” Moseley said.

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