Speak up about traffic problems in La Jolla

Dr. Michael Ackerman

La Jolla business owner

I am a La Jolla local business owner and I thought you might be interested in a way I have found to contact the traffic operations division in San Diego which is in charge of regulation traffic lights.

As you probably are aware, the traffic coming into La Jolla is disproportionately backed up on La Jolla Parkway, coming from the 52 and off the 5 freeway, and often patients of mine complain about very long commute times as a result.

I am sure other La Jolla business owners are just as upset and realize the impact this must place on their businesses when out-of-towners decide not to make the trip into La Jolla because of this traffic bottleneck. However, few people are aware that their complaints can be heard and rectified by this particular department of the San Diego Traffic operations, if enough people communicate their upset.

The e-mail address of traffic operations, which goes directly to the correct department without any further red tape is

If enough of us write to them, hopefully we can achieve a better traffic flow and a whole lot less frustration on the part of business owners and commuters about getting into La Jolla.