Solutions for c-section scar tissue: how plastic surgery can fix bad scarring post-childbirth

A c-section scar revision can reduce bad scarring post-childbirth.
A c-section scar revision can reduce bad scarring post-childbirth.

By John G. Apostolides, MD

Many women have experienced c-section delivery, usually as a result of difficulties that can arise during childbirth. These days, c-sections are fairly common procedures; however, the necessity for an incision comes with scarring that, for some individuals, may be thick, firm, unsightly and even uncomfortable. In these cases, a board certified plastic surgeon can revise

c-section scar tissue

, either in a single procedure or as a component of another cosmetic alteration like a tummy tuck or full Mommy Makeover.

Scarring varies from on individual to the next, and the severity of any given c-section scar will depend heavily on a combination of factors including the patient’s genetics, healing process and skin condition, as well as the suturing performed by the original surgeon. However, in the hands of a skilled surgeon, painful, thick or prominent scars can be revised for a more subtle appearance. Because c-section delivery requires an incision on the abdomen that is large enough to accommodate the size and position of the baby, the resultant scarring can be quite long and, in some cases, even vertical. Surgeons will usually try to make the incision as low and horizontal as possible – ideally under the underwear line so as to be easily concealed when wearing a bikini. But given the fast pace of the delivery room, no surgeon can guarantee an aesthetically ideal scar.

That’s where plastic surgeons come in. A new c-section scar that has not yet matured may appear raised and red; and while it will usually fade into a white line over time, patients who wish to undergo revision surgery can have the old scar removed and the incision closed under less tension, resulting in a thinner, less conspicuous scar. In addition, new mothers who want to undergo a tummy tuck or any other Mommy Makeover surgeries (such as breast enhancement or liposuction) can include scar revision in their procedure and replace the c-section scar with that from the body contouring surgery.

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