Snow in La Jolla? ‘Snow’ falls on French-American School in La Jolla

Yes! Well, kind of. Courtesy of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Interblastic Foam Experience, the snow was actually organic dissolvable foam. But students, parents and faculty at the San Diego French-American School — as well as anyone driving up Soledad Mountain Road — were in for a surprise last Thursday morning, when the front of the school was blanketed with the stuff. Gaël Chapolliere (above) takes a glance at the palm trees, dripping with snow.

As part of an annual tradition, the San Diego French- American School brings the Dr. Bronner Interblastic Foam Experience truck to cover its campus with “snow,” much to the delight of students who want to play in it and parents who want to take their children’s photos with the Southern California rarity.