Skova Soul brings passion to jewelry


The concept behind Skova Soul’s new location at 1273 Prospect St. in La Jolla has been in motion for almost three years by

designer Michaela Moryskova

, according to the store’s website.

Michaela has combined her exquisite artistic ability with her business mind, desire, passion and determination for success while creating Skova Soul. Michaela’s goal in opening Skova Soul was to create an affordable

luxury couture jewelry line

that would empower women, show them how to become balanced and achieve personal success by giving them the tools to

start their own business

through her original designs.

All of Skova Soul’s accessories are designed from Michaela’s life experiences and her world travels. She captured the unique style, spirit and culture of her favorite countries with her immersion into the daily lives of the people and nature. Each collection Michaela has designed for Skova Soul brings her travel experiences into your life with affordable, posh jewelry that will make you feel as if you were her companion on these journeys. All of Skova Soul’s pieces brings not only timeless style but incorporates the latest fashion trends to help you look and feel your best.

With jewelry from Skova Soul you will get versatility with style. You can go from career or casual to evening with a single basic wardrobe without breaking your budget. Beyond the ageless beauty of the jewelry, each piece will last a lifetime with our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

Skova Soul is located at 1273 Prospect St. in La Jolla. For information go to

or call (855) 467-5682.