Skate park: Good idea, wrong site

By David Little

La Jolla resident

Once again, our beloved Recreation Center and children’s playground is under attack. The public has defended this park against parking garages, underground gyms, etc.

If a skateboard park is built in La Jolla, it should not be on one of the few open playing fields in the entire community.

The Light does a disservice to the public by showing a picture of a “quiet” field. They should try a picture of the field at any time on any weekend day or in the summer. The picture will show all ages using this field for a multitude of activities and games from adult soccer to practice T-ball.

There are two much better sites:

The first is on the city-owned property at Fay and West Muirlands Drive (on the east side of Fay across from the football field). City representatives came to the Permit Review Committee to propose selling this “excess property.” The proposal was rejected by the committee, fearing that more condominiums would be built on this city site, and the opportunity for the public to ever use this land for a park, a playing field or a skateboard park would be gone forever.

A second possible site would be on the bike trail behind the Nautilus fire station. Yes, there is room there without blocking the bike path. There are anti-skateboard devices everywhere in our community — nuts welded to stair railings, plates screwed into the concrete steps, and fences placed around public areas. It is not clear that building a skateboard park will keep boarders from defiling public and private property, but it can’t hurt. Just keep all development out of our beloved Recreation Center.