Signs of change mark eight years of accomplishments

By Scott Peters

City Council President

In many ways, La Jolla in 2008 is as it has always been - a beautiful hamlet by the Pacific Ocean blessed with a temperate climate. In several important ways, however, the community is different, and better, than it used to be.

As your city council representative for the past eight years and council president for the past three, I’m proud to have worked closely with many of you to effect that change. We’ve addressed infrastructure issues, approved a new community plan and spruced up our beautiful haven.

Eight years ago, it was difficult to get in and out of La Jolla during rush hour. The city’s second busiest intersection, La Jolla Shores Drive and Torrey Pines Road, accommodated 70,000 vehicles a day. We reconfigured the road to ease commuting times in and out of La Jolla and also replaced the 80-year-old water and sewer lines running underneath the street.

On the south side of our community, 22,000 cars a day traveled on La Jolla Boulevard, many at speeds that were unsafe for the residential area. Bird Rock’s traffic-calming plan, which includes roundabouts, pedestrian walkways and landscaping, is an award-winning success story.

The La Jolla Community Plan, a significant document, establishes a clear vision for the future and guides our growth and change. It had not been updated in more than 20 years; portions were ambiguous and confusing. Achieving consensus was not easy, but certainly important.

Overall, the quality of life in La Jolla is higher today than it was in 2000. We’ve expanded the library, turfed soccer and baseball fields, and funded various improvements at our beaches and parks. La Jolla Cove, the Shores, and most recently, Windansea now look better and are more easily accessed as a result of our efforts. We also renovated Fire Station 13, rebuilt several pump stations, and began burying the utility lines.

I’ve been busy during these past eight years and will always be proud of what we have been able to accomplish.

City Council President Scott Peters represents the First District until December, when his replacement, Sherry Lightner, takes the seat.