Shores group retains park

La Jolla Shores Association (LJSA) has updated the map on its Web site delineating all the public parks within its boundaries.

At its Feb. 10 monthly meeting, Chairman Joe Dicks set things straight on who oversees Allen Park.

“The Association will continue to be the authorized organization to make recommendations to the city regarding that park,” he said, noting that there had been uncertainty as to which La Jolla advisory group — LJSA, La Jolla Town Council or the Rec Council — would administer the popular soccer field near UCSD under a recent proposal to revamp how Jolla’s numerous parks are to be administered among its advisory groups.

Stacey LoMedico, City Park and Recreation Department director who was present Feb. 10, noted Allen Field “is not within the Shores Association’s park boundaries because it is not within the Shores PDO (Planned District Ordinance).”

Since it was outside La Jolla Shores’ PDO boundaries, Dicks said that created confusion among La Jolla’s advisory groups as to which one would be responsible for Allen Field. But following discussions with the city, Dicks said that issue has been resolved.

“Nobody else really want to represent Allen Field,” Dicks said. “So the Shores Association stepped up to the plate and we said we would do it. The city was happy to leave the Association being the organization.”

Dicks said the Association has to have a conditional use permit with the city to qualify it to have an advisory role with parks in its jurisdiction.

“We have to vote on that,” said Dicks, adding that will be an agenda item at the group’s next meeting Wednesday, March 10. (Go to to see the Shores boundaries.)

In other matters, Caroline Hoover representing Mira Mesa Calvary Baptist Church successfully petitioned the group to allow the congregation to hold Easter Services at Kellogg Park for about 55 to 70 people that would include an acoustic guitar player. The church has applied to the city for an event permit.

Former Shores board member Mary Coakley pointed out there is a potential problem in allowing private events in public parks.

“At Scripps Park, things have snowballed and the park is packed with events much of the time, eliminating the ability of Joe Public to use the park,” she said. “In this case, it might be all right as long as it doesn’t set a precedent.”

Dicks asked if the church would consent to a time limit of 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the services, which are to be followed by a fellowship barbecue. After Hoover agreed, the group voted to support the church’s request.