Shores construction update: brief water shutoff Monday


– From La Jolla Shores Association reports

Monday night, Nov. 24, there will be a brief water shutoff during which time the water lines on Avenida de la Playa from Calle de la Plata to El Paseo Grande will be switched from the underground lines to the temporary “high lines” that run along the street. This is part of the sewer and water work that is going on in the business district. Water users being directly affected will be receiving door hangers with more details.

To minimize the water disruption to residents, this work will be performed late at night. All excavation and preparations will be made during the day, so no digging will be done at night. There will be equipment used to move the steel plates to access the lines, but no other heavy equipment will be used. Smaller portable lighting will be used, not the large light towers used during the two days of night construction earlier this week.

There will be no more heavy night construction for this project. All excavation and construction will be performed during the day, except for switching of utilities, such as water and power, that will need to be performed at night or early morning to minimize impacts to utilities subscribers.

Excavation for the sewer lines in the middle of the street will be starting up again on Monday. Residents should expect noise and vibration as the shoring will need to be pounded in and set. Work will be performed from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. There will be no work performed next Thursday or Friday due to Thanksgiving.

Shops and sidewalks will be open during construction.