Shores Association amends bylaws, seeks new members

At its December meeting, Tim Lucas and Audrey Keane of La Jolla Shores Association (LJSA) led the advisory group in revamping the group’s bylaws.

In so doing, the group used a template of city standard operating procedures for rec councils, given that one of the Association’s primary functions is advisory to the city on issues related to parks – Kellogg, Laureate, Cliffridge and Allen Field — within La Jolla Shores.

“Given that we want to give community input on these parks, the city has classified us as a rec council, so we have to change things (bylaws) a lot,” said Lucas adding, " in rec council guidelines employees have to be included. I’m really not happy with us getting pigeonholed in this.”

Past LJSA boardmember Mary Coakley noted there is a convenient solution for reconfiguring bylaws to account for the group’s now being treated as a rec council.

“Whenever you deal with parks or rec, you can adjourn as the Association and reconvene as a park and rec council,” she said.

Erin Demorest, La Jolla rep for Councilwoman Sherri Lightner, pointed out that the Shores group, in order to continue to make recoemmendations on parks, will have to do three things: Collect no membership dues, abide by the Brown Act calling for open meetings and transparent procedures and not take any e-mail votes.

LJSA is also seeking to expand its membership, which is open to all people living withing the geographic area covered by the advisory group. To become a group member, fill out an information (available for download as a pdf by clicking


) and returned it to the LJSA. More information is on the