Shores Association adds projects to unfunded list, OKs new committee

By Ashley Mackin

At its monthly meeting Nov. 14, the La Jolla Shores Association (LJSA) board discussed unfunded projects, a new committee to set rules for commercial vendors at the beach, and the end of four members’ terms. It also received a report from Lifeguard John Sandmeyer regarding improved signage in the beach areas.

■ Beach Rules:

Sandmeyer said signage at the north end of Kellogg Park has been addressed and new signs will more accurately display laws such as dog leash rules and the line that separates surf and swim areas.

The Lifeguard Station will also be adhering to the colored flag system used by kayak businesses and vendors. A green flag will signify water conditions are good enough for all tours, guided or not, to be out in the ocean. A yellow flag will indicate guided tours only. A red flag means no one is allowed on a kayak for safety reasons.

■ Unfunded Needs List:

Mark Moncey, area manager for park and recreation, took suggestions for annual the Unfunded Needs List. The list includes projects with insufficient funding to be passed on to the City of San Diego.

The LJSA voted to suggest these projects: to add landscaping and outdoor furniture (picnic tables or a gazebo-like structure) to Laureate Park, to increase signage to Laureate Park regarding city regulations, to add a playground at Cliffridge Park, to label Pottery Canyon as a park, and to repair the landscaping and sprinkler systems in Kellogg Park.

■ Beach Vendors:

After much discussion, it was decided a committee would be formed to develop a new, more consistent policy for commercial vendors. These include surf camps, kayak rentals and tours, paddle board rentals, SCUBA divers, etc. “We need people who have intelligent, thoughtful, constructive ways of putting together a policy,” said Chair Audrey Keane.

Noticing the extensive commercial use of the beach from these groups, the LJSA seeks an alternative to the Request For Proposal (RFP) system currently in place. Keane said in a separate interview the intent is not to punish any businesses or impose fees or taxes, but just to come up with a consistent policy that works for the businesses and beachgoers alike. Those interested in joining the committee – which is open to all – may attend the next LJSA meeting 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 12 in Building T-29, aka the Martin Johnson House, on Biological Grade at Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

Keane said it is a priority of hers to have the issue resolved by the time her term ends in March.

■ Term Limits:

Three other board members are terming out in March, along with Keane: Coco Tihanyi, treasurer Ruth Padgett and Terry Winn-Kraszewski.

This will leave four open positions on the board. The only requirement for service is ownership of property or business within the perimeters of La Jolla Shores.

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