Shining ‘The Light’ on La Jolla Highlights


The Light is starting a new feature and needs your help. We’re on the lookout for businesses or individuals that are doing their parts to make our community better.

For starters, here’s our first pat on the back to Palmer Hughes and the family trust that owns the Arcade Building on Girard Avenue and Prospect Street.

They recently added about 20 new planters along the walkway and in front of the businesses with “the whole idea to make it more inviting.” Hughes said they’ve been working over time to fix up the building his grandfather built, including adding metal sculptures, a pew bench and new signage.

If you know of someone who’s a candidate for this new spot, send it our way with a photo — or at least tell us where it is and what you know about it. E-mail

We’ll also be on the lookout for “La Jolla Lowlights” -- that spot that never gets cleaned up, the biggest pothole or the thing that just drives you crazy about our community. Maybe we can get some help fixing up some of the spots by shining the “Light” on them.