Several reasons to support Independent La Jolla

By Cindy Greatrex

Independent La Jolla

Throughout the recent history of the Village of La Jolla, discussions have been raised regarding the feasibility of La Jolla becoming its own city entity, independent from the city of San Diego. There are various opinions on this concept, and I would like to bring some facts forward to the community at large for further discussion.

San Diego is the second-largest city in California, and the ninth-largest city in the U.S. The dramatic growth of San Diego in recent years has led to an overtaxing of government and infrastructure. The city is in fact so large that Manhattan, Pittsburgh, Boston, San Francisco and Cleveland all fit inside the city of San Diego’s 330 square miles.

This growth has increasingly rendered San Diego’s priorities as a city at direct odds with those of La Jolla as a community.

Reasons to incorporate La Jolla as a city include:

  • Enhancement of police, fire and lifeguard services;
  • Protection of district ordinances;
  • Zoning control;
  • Preservation and enhancement of parks and beaches;
  • Improved repair of streets and sidewalks; and
  • Enriched quality of life.

As of this writing, La Jolla has approximately 44,000 residents and San Diego has approximately 1.4 million. Ours is currently a lone voice in the wilderness. To join the discussion around an Independent La Jolla, please join us at our regular meetings, which you can find out about at or you can e-mail