Service restored after water main break in La Jolla

At 2:15 p.m., Thursday, May 29, about 20 homes had watered restored, said Stan Medina, construction project manager for the city water department.

They were without water service following a water main break in La Jolla Shores at the intersection of La Jolla Shores Drive and Caminito del Collado which was reported Wednesday, May 28, at 5:45 p.m.

“It was an eight-inch PVC pipe,” said Alex Ruiz, assistant director of the city of San Diego Water Department. “We’re looking at the cause. We’re not sure why it blew out. Right now, we’re focused on getting the (water) service restored to about 22 homes, 10 on La Jolla Shores Drive and the rest on Caminito del Collado.”

Ruiz noted there is a six-inch stub out, a small piece of pipe, that runs perpendicular to the PVC pipe affected in La Jolla Shores. He said water main breaks can occur for any of a number of reasons. He said it could be a circumference break, or a split lateral down main, or it also might be a problem with the union at the two pipe connections. It also might be a break right at the valve leak, but that cannnot be determined until after an investigation is complete.

Since it is a PVC (plastic) pipe and therefore relatively new, age is probably not a factor, said Ruiz, who added the water department is checking to see if the water main break was caused by a spike in water usage in the local system. Crews will also look into whether any maintenance has been performed on the water system in the La Jolla Shores area recently.

Ruiz estimated water service would be restored to those homes presently disconnected at about 3 p.m. today. “We have to get the system repressurized,” he said.

Traffic is closed on Caminito Del Collado, which is a cul de sac, and is also closed on La Jolla Shores drive for a couple hours.