Seize the season: make the most of autumn opportunity in the San Diego real estate market

By Vicki Johnson

Visitors to San Diego often comment on the delightful year-around sunshine. However, they also have a tendency to ask the same question: “don’t you miss the seasons?” Of course, local San Diegans know that we in Southern California have our own subtle seasons – each of which comes with distinctive signs and enduring charms. And just like in other parts of the country, seasonal change affects activity in the

San Diego real estate market

  1. While many assume that it is always best to sell real estate in the spring and summer months, there are also distinct advantages to selling in the fall. Just as there is something to love about every season of the year, there is also benefit to be found in every season in real estate. The trick is knowing how to make the most of autumn opportunity – and getting help from an experienced real estate agent who can guide you through the process.

As a long-time San Diego resident, I have fond memories and associations with all our local seasons. I love that I can wear sandals nine months out of the year – but that in winter, it’s time for boots and closed-toe shoes. In spring, nature comes out in full force: we get to witness the Monarch butterfly migration along the La Jolla coast, and enjoy the spectacular whale watching opportunities near the Mexico border. Summer brings us warmer ocean water, sunshine and the buzz of beach activity day in and day out. And after Labor day, we have what some call the “local summer” – when the weather and water stay warm but the crowds disappear.
When it comes to real estate, these same associations inform popular buyer decisions in many ways. For example, in many parts of the country, homeowners shy away from trying to sell their homes in the winter, when snow and ice can make looking at property less appealing. And on both coasts, most families try to complete buying and selling activities during the late spring and summer months so that the kids won’t be forced to transfer during the school year. All of these seasonal considerations are reflected in quarterly real estate reports, which tend to show the period between February and September as prime buying season. But despite the big numbers, savvy homeowners know that there are also benefits to buying or selling a home in the so-called “off season.”

The truth is, especially in today’s San Diego market, there are always ready buyers looking for homes – be they investors or newlyweds, individuals relocating after a divorce or a career change, couples transitioning into retirement or looking for a vacation home to escape harsh winter weather. And unlike some who simply use the spring season to window shop, these autumn buyers can sometimes be the most serious and determined of them all. With fewer homes going on the market, now is an advantageous time for sellers to list their homes and allow them to take center stage. Find out more about listing your

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