Second shark report closes Mission Beach again

City News Service

A stretch of water off Mission Beach was closed again after a surfer spotted a 14-inch dorsal fin in the water Friday, San Diego lifeguards said today.

The fin was spotted about 8 a.m. about 100 yards from tower 13, according to San Diego Fire-Rescue Department spokesman Maurice Luque. The waters were closed in one mile in each direction from the location of the sighting.

Lifeguards searched the waters with the help of a San Diego Fire-Rescue helicopter.

The same area was closed Thursday afternoon after an 18-inch dorsal fin was spotted, but was later reopened to beachgoers, lifeguards said.

Meanwhile, up the coast, State Fish and Game agents last week were investigating if a fisherman who caught a baby great white shark off the Huntington Beach Pier should be prosecuted.

The roughly 5-foot shark was caught on Monday — the video can be seen below: [youtube][/youtube].

Fish and game agents took custody of the carcass, according to fish and game Capt. Dan Sforza.

Great white sharks, top-feeders in the marine world, have been protected under California law since 1994. Catching them is a misdemeanor.

Fish and game investigators will have to decide if the fish was “unlawfully’’ caught. It was unclear if the fisherman who caught the fish knew it was a great white. One of the group around the pole can be heard calling it a mako.

White sharks are found worldwide and feed primarily on seals.

The latest fatal shark attack in California was near Vandenberg Air

Force Base in Santa Barbara County on Oct. 22, when UC Santa Barbara student Lucas Ransom, 19, was killed. That shark was 14-16 feet long and believed to be a great white.