SeaWorld takes in injured brown pelicans found in Arizona

City News Service

Eight juvenile brown pelicans found in Arizona were being nursed back to health at SeaWorld San Diego Tuesday.

The sea birds, including one with an amputated wing, were delivered by the Tucson Wildlife Center and Liberty Wildlife Center.

Brown pelicans, fish eaters that dive-bomb their prey, are found along the Pacific and Gulf coasts, and Kelly Terry of SeaWorld said the birds found in Arizona were likely blown off course by monsoonal winds.

SeaWorld bird keepers weighed and examined the birds, gave them vitamins and assessed their feather condition, Terry said.

If their plumage improves quickly, all but the one-winged pelican will be released in a few days. The one that lost its wing will stay in captivity, she said.

SeaWorld has treated more than 100 sick or injured brown pelicans so far this year, Terry said.