Seals: Should they stay or should they go?

Editor’s note: The fifth-graders in Ginny LaRowe’s class at Bird Rock Elementary School were given an assignment to report on and write a feature story. Today we publish two selected by classmates as the best. Next week, we’ll publish two more.

By Mina Lally

The Children’s Pool (C.P.) is home to many harbor seals along the Pacific coast in the community of La Jolla. About 200 seals are protected in the C.P. It used to be an area for children, until the seals came and made it their home. A rope was put up to stop people from going onto the Children’s Pool beach. However, it was taken down this past summer.

The seals should stay at the Children’s Pool beach — or should they?

Seals are protected by law. The seals lie on the beach and swim in the water. The seal population attracts many tourists to the area where they sunbathe, nap, swim and stay to have their pups. It would be terrible to get rid of these marvelous mammals, especially since they were here before we were.

Why should the seals stay?

The seals should stay at La Jolla Children’s Pool because it is a protected area and it is the only place in San Diego for the seals to have a safe home. Katheryn Rhodes, a civil engineer from Point Loma, said, “One alternative might be to extend the existing ecological reserve, which protects the Cove and La Jolla Shores, to include the Children’s Pool in order to protect the seals from fishermen and their lines and hooks.”

Why should the seals leave?

Some people, according to Mustafa Dos, a seal rights activist, believe that the seals should leave because the sea wall was built for the children of La Jolla and some families want to use the Children’s Pool again. They say it was originally intended for people, not for seals; additionally, the seals leave behind waste, which makes the beach unhealthy for people.

In my opinion, seals are wonderful animals and should stay at the Children’s Pool. It’s not always about the people. We should respect the animals that live in this world because we share the world.