Seals are nice, but they need to be moved



Thank you, Sheri, for hosting two meetings in which seal advocates as well as those in favor of saying “Seals, Good-bye” could view their opinions on the matter in a dignified and well-behaved discussion.

In viewing some of the info on many various Children’s Pool/Seals/Casa Beach Web sites, it would appear the “pro-sealers” feel “the vast majority of people want the seals to stay where they are.” I am not sure where this information came from, but I feel the folks that spoke at your meetings were most definitely for the pinipeds moving on to fresher waters, leaving the area for the children and adults to enjoy. It would also appear that those who write letters to the La Jolla Light and the Village News are often not from La Jolla, or even San Diego - surely they do not appear concerned that the parking problems with additional tourists, the subsequent job of monitoring the area, attempting to clean the contaminated water, are issues the residents/taxpayers of San Diego would have to contend with in order to pacify those that feel the seals would bring educational (watching seals sun-bathing and occasionally slip into the water to catch a fish or defecate).

Tourists will continue to visit La Jolla for its beauty without the enticement of the ever-growing population of seals congregating on the beach.

It would appear I do not like the seals; that is far from the truth.

I support all wild and domesticated life; I also support the pinipeds moving to other waters and returning this special place that a former lady who had the vision to put the Children’s Pool there in the first place, be acknowledged.

Portia S. Wadsworth is a La Jolla resident.