Seahaus residents feeling the pain

By Pam Bitterman

Seahaus homeowner

In response to the Voice of San Diego article reprinted in the Light on June 24 that addressed the construction flaws at Seahaus, I was sad to find the piece unsympathetic to the plight of the victims in this case: the owners and residents of the project — innocent, well-meaning buyers, many of whom sold everything in order to be able to relocate here with the dream of living out their days in beautiful La Jolla.

There are those who bought as an investment and those who are wealthy. But there are others. Some are elderly and infirm. Some are young couples just starting out. Some are working parents. These people, just like so many others nationwide, are now also struggling and frightened. Be it a $50,000 dollar house or a $1 million dollar house, (FYI, the homes at Seahaus ranged in price from the $400,000s up to $1 million) a house is a home, a shelter with the promise of hope and peace. Happiness. Security. The folks at Seahaus did nothing to deserve the situation in which they now find themselves. With the lawsuits, no one is attempting to get a free pass or become exempt from the financial nightmare that so many American’s find themselves lost in today. The facts are that the owners at Seahaus were lied to.

And now, in addition to terms like “foreclosure” and “bankruptcy,” “cover-up,” “bad faith,” “lack of disclosure” and “fraud” have become integral facets of their dreams for the future.

Some may recover financially. Many will not. We all recall the battle to keep Seahaus from being built. Perhaps the article in the Light still reflects those sentiments. However, it would behoove us all to also recall that it was not Seahaus homeowners who waged that war against the local resistance. Those who were the people’s “enemies” then are the same as those who are now named in the lawsuit.

In the interest of full disclosure, my husband and I are owners at Seahaus.