SDSU reports racial slur incident in dorm

Someone wrote a racial slur on an erasable slate on the door of a black student’s dorm room at San Diego State University.

“There has been an unacceptable event that occurred in Zura Residence Hall that raises concern,” a statement issued by the university said.

The slur was reported Wednesday night, and San Diego State police were leading the investigation.

If caught, the culprit could be kicked out of campus housing, according to the university.

The incident at SDSU comes about a little more than two months after an off-campus ghetto-themed party thrown by UC San Diego students set off a controversy.

The so-called Compton Cookout, according to some upset students, mocked Black History Month. Because it took place off-campus, university officials said they had no ground to discipline anyone involved.

The party was followed up by the airing of racially insensitive language used on a student-run television station. And someone put a pillowcase with eyeholes cut out of it — meant look like a Ku Klux Klan hood — over a statue of Theodor Geisel.