SDG&E finds cause of Sept. 16 La Jolla gas leak

By Dave Schwab

Staff Writer

Utility officials have determined the cause of a gas main leak that occurred about 11 a.m. on Sept. 16 about 11 a.m. near 722 Glenview Lane in the Village of La Jolla.

“It looks like the leak was caused by a sewer contractor that had made repairs in the area in the past,” said SDG&E spokeswoman Allison Zaragoza. “What our crews determined was that a small leak developed due to a sewer trench that got compacted over time and that created the small leak.”

Zaragoza said after the small leak was discovered, work crews “pinched off the (gas) line and sealed off the leak completely.”

Work on repairing the small leak was completely about 3:30 p.m. the same day.

“It was pretty routine, Zaragoza said, adding that crews also checked out the possibility that the gas smell reported in the area might have been from sewer gas.

“Crews ran tests to determine whether it was sewer gas or natural gas and they came back specifically as natural gas,” she said, adding crews then went to the trench, found the small leak and made repairs.