Sculptra and SmartXide DOT Fractional CO2 Laser procedures offer affordable alternative to facial plastic surgery

By Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS

In our current economic climate, discretionary spending has become difficult – if not downright impossible – for many Americans; and yet, according to a recent news release from the

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

, high unemployment and an increasingly cutthroat job market have prompted some older job seekers to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery despite the cost. These individuals hope that, by restoring a youthful look to their faces, they will retain a competitive edge in their quest for employment. But the simple truth is that plastic surgery is expensive, and by no means without the need for post-operative downtime, rest and recovery. For those looking for a more efficient alternative that won’t break the bank, non-invasive cosmetic procedures are a safe and significantly less costly solution.

As a board-certified professional with over 27 years of experience in the plastic surgery field, I’ve seen many products and procedures come and go in the quest to find an anti-aging treatment that actually works – one that erases wrinkles and tones skin without subjecting patients to invasive surgical procedures. Hyaluronic filler products, such as Restylane and Juvederm, have been successful at eliminating fine lines – for a few months at a time, that is. But now, a relatively new and recently FDA approved filler called Sculptra® Aesthetic (touted by many as the “Liquid Facelift”) poses an exciting alternative for men and women looking for a longer-term treatment to restore youthful facial volume and higher cheekbones, as well as upward mobilization and suspension of older, sagging facial skin.

Sculptra® treatments usually last for 2-3 years when administered by needle injection just under the facial skin; and in my opinion, Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing – a procedure that tightens and improves the facial complexion while diminishing wrinkles and dark spots with minimal pain or hypopigmentation risk – is an ideal complement to this treatment. Together, renewed facial volume and skin resurfacing can achieve results similar to those sought after by most facelift patients…and at a fraction of the cost of traditional plastic surgery. Furthermore, for those who have already undergone facial plastic surgery, both Sculptra® and Fractional Laser Resurfacing can be a nice addition to help maintain surgical results for years to come.

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