Scripps Research duo wins Ellison Medical Awards

Luke Wiseman, Arlene and Arnold Goldstein Assistant Professor on the California campus of The Scripps Research Institute, and William Ja, assistant professor on the institute’s Florida campus, have received 2011 Ellison Medical Foundation New Scholar in Aging Biology Awards.

According to the foundation, the New Scholar program aims to provide support for newly independent investigators beginning in the first three years after their postdoctoral training.

With the new award, Wiseman will study the basic mechanisms that link mitochondrial protein homeostasis to organismal aging. He hopes this research will reveal specific targets whose activity can be further explored, and, potentially, therapeutically manipulated to attenuate aging-related human diseases

Ja’s award will fund research on identifying genes that protect an organism from the toxic effects of high-nutrient diets. These genes and their pathways should represent potential therapeutic targets for countering metabolic disease and obesity.