Scripps Institution of Oceanography recognizes district, individuals

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, has paid tribute to the San Diego Unified Port District for its role in establishing the Center for Bay and Coastal Dynamics, a research center focusing on the study of San Diego Bay.

Scripps is in a partnership with San Diego State University, Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute and the Port of San Diego.

Scripps also presented Scott Peters, who chairs the Port’s Environmental Advisory Committee, with the Scientists’ Recognition Award during the annual Scripps Advisory Council meeting on Jan. 21.

Another La Jolla resident, Paul Peterson of the Peterson Charitable Foundation, received the Scripps Medallion at the event for his early support for the center’s establishment.

Through the center, scientists are collaborating on research that includes not only the changing physical characteristics of the bay and coast, but also the study of eelgrass habitats to help better understand the abundance and distribution of fish in the bay; mapping of kelp beds and the fish and invertebrates that live there; and the study of worms, crustaceans and mollusks that feed on sea-floor sediment that will give clues into the effect of pollutants on the marine environment.

The Peterson Charitable Foundation has provided a $30,000 gift, which is helping pay for education programs for undergraduate and graduate research training.