Scrap gold jewelry vs. gold coins: how to get the best gold prices


By Michael McConnell

In the current economic climate, many people in possession of scrap gold jewelry and gold coins are looking for ways to get the

best gold prices

and convert unused precious metals into ready cash. And while there are plenty of websites and buyers ready and willing to pay quickly for all forms of gold, it is important for sellers to understand the difference between scrap and collectible or gold bullion products – as well as the significant variation in purchase price that comes with approaching the right buyer in the first place. By consulting an experienced rare coins dealer and familiarizing one’s self with the difference in gold content and selling format between gold jewelry and gold coins, sellers can learn how to make the greatest possible profit and avoid losses at the hands of misleading buyers.

When deciding where and how to sell old gold coins and scrap jewelry, one of the first things to consider is how the items will be used or resold by the buyer. For example, scrap jewelry is almost always melted down for consolidation or re-use, while gold coins are frequently resold in their existing form to rare coins collectors or bullion buyers interested in the value of the item itself in addition to its gold content. This means that scrap gold will almost always bring a lower price than gold coins -- especially in light of the fact that coins also tend to have a higher gold content than most scrap pieces. For instance, a 14kt jewelry item has a gold content of 0.585 fine, whereas most coins have a gold content of 0.900 or higher. Between their gold content value and present-form resale value, coins are a superior asset to those looking to cash in on gold: but in order to get the best price, it is important to sell those coins to a precious metals dealer like those at The Coin Shop in La Jolla.

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