School board gets message: More cuts possible

City News Service

The San Diego Unified School District will need to lay off more employees and require further concessions from those who remain if mid-year budget cuts become necessary, according to a report Superintendent Bill Kowba will deliver to the Board of Education Tuesday.

All solution options have dire consequences,’' Kowba said in the report.

He said that along with employee impacts, 10 or more schools might need to be closed and other district-owned property would need to be sold to close a possible $30.2 million gap in January.

The state budget requires a major reduction in K-12 education funding if revenues fall below projections, a scenario which appears to be developing, Kowba said.

Any state cutbacks would also affect the projections for the 2012-13 school year, which would face a shortfall of $60 million to $118 million, he said.

District officials say they’re in their sixth straight year of budget cutbacks.

Board members will also consider whether to declare an emergency for Sept. 9, when schools were closed because of the blackout. That would help the district avoid the loss of state funding based on attendance.