Sanders will not pursue ballot measure to increase sales tax

Mayor Jerry Sanders will not pursue a November ballot measure asking San Diego voters to approve a half-cent sales tax increase, the Mayor’s Office announced Monday.

“After carefully considering the idea, the mayor has concluded that this is not the proper time,” said Darren Pudgil, the mayor’s director of communications. “He will continue to focus on reforming city government and cutting costs wherever possible, while ensuring the highest level of city services during this economic downturn.”

Sanders’ announcement came on the same day City Councilmen Kevin Faulconer and Carl DeMaio announced their opposition to any plan to raise the sales tax.

The idea has also been opposed by the San Diego County Taxpayers Association and the Republican Party of San Diego County.

Earlier this month, officials in the Mayor’s Office told The San Diego Union-Tribune that Sanders, a Republican, was considering asking voters to approve a half-cent sales tax hike as one of several options being considered to help close ongoing budget shortfalls and restore municipal services.