San Diego Symphony’s ‘Partner with a Player’

The San Diego Symphony’s “Partner with a Player” program has grown significantly since La Jolla philanthropist Lael Kovtun started it all in 1999. The idea behind it was to encourage local music lovers to support the symphony in a unique way, and build meaningful relationships with the musicians. So far, 62 of the 70 musicians have partners, and as Kovtun noted, “It keeps growing.”

Recently, the players and their donor partners got together for their seventh annual celebration at Symphony Hall. To thank their generous supporters, the musicians put on a mini-concert (with their proud partners seated right beside them on stage). It was a thrilling event, followed by a delightful sit-down dinner.

Among the many local aficionados attending were Arthur Brody and Phyllis Cohn, John and Raffaella Belanch, Audrey Geisel and Alex Butterfield, Rachael Grosvenor, Sheila Potiker and Ben Clay.