San Diego Symphony Orchestra shines at Symphony at Salk


The premiere outdoor entertainment event in La Jolla is Symphony at Salk - an annual concert and box supper held under the stars, in Salk Institute’s beautiful Theodore Gildred Court. This year’s performance featured pianist and showman extraordinaire Hershey Felder as guest artist. Maestro Thomas Wilkins returned for his third year as conductor of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. The festive evening began with a champagne reception, followed by a box supper, before the beautiful music rang out in the courtyard.

Felder gave the audience a wonderful sampling of his “George Gershwin Alone” show and had the crowd singing in their seats much of the time. He even coaxed three aficionados to come on stage with him - much to the delight of everyone on hand. The artist showed his serious side with a powerful interpretation of “Rhapsody in Blue.”

As usual, La Jollans came out in great numbers to enjoy the special evening. Irwin Jacobs (chair of Salk’s board of trustees) and his wife Joan were there, as was Audrey Geisel, Alex Butterfield (one of the three good sports appearing on stage), Charles and Tanya Brandes, Harry and Valerie Cooper, Jake and Todd Figi, Lael and Jay Kovtun, Richard Levi and Wanda Kaufman and Cynthia and Kevin Schneider.