Six Sagacious Shows: San Diego REPertory Theatre sets 40th season

More than 125 fans and friends of San Diego REPertory Theatre attended its Season 40 announcement party March 9 at The Westin Gaslamp. Guests were treated to beverages and bites on the rooftop terrace before being ushered into the ballroom for sneak peek performances from the artists involved in selecting a six-play season line-up designed to excite the mind and curious spirit in all.

“Our 40th Anniversary Season is upon us and our plans are ambitious,” said Sam Woodhouse, co-founder and artistic director. “San Diego REP has produced 286 productions since 1976, and with this season lineup we intend to celebrate our historic milestone with carefully curated artistic works that represent our commitment to stories that showcase unique and special kinds of people, ideas, music, philosophy, stories and quests in the contemporary world, as well as trumpet the search for a higher ground — justice, equality and a voice at the table for all Americans.”

San Diego REP’s 40th season at the Lyceum Theatre stage includes:

1) “Violet,” Aug. 20-Sept. 13, Tony-nominated musical and winner of the Drama Critics’ Circle Award, “Violet” is a modern fairy tale filled with show-stopping anthems of the 1960’s American south.

2) “My Mañana Comes,” Oct. 1-25, playwright Elizabeth Irwin explores the hopes and struggles of four busboys in a swanky restaurant.

3) “The Oldest Boy,” Nov. 12-Dec. 6, this delicate comic drama weaves music, dance, puppetry, intimate moments and infinite meanings when a young American mother finds two crimson-robed strangers, a monk and a lama, at her door. They are on a mission to meet her 3-year-old son Tenzin, a child that is wise beyond his years whom they believe is the reincarnation of a high Buddhist teacher.

4) “Outside Mullingar,” Jan. 21-Feb. 14, 2016, a Tony Award Best Play 2014 nominee, this comedy from the pen of the Pulitzer Prize, Academy Award, and Tony Award-winning writer of “Doubt” and “Moonstruck,” John Patrick Shanley, is an unabashed reminder that it’s never too late to take a chance on love. In a tiny village in rural Ireland, Anthony and Rosemary are 40-somethings who haven’t got a clue when it comes to love.

5) “R. Buckminster Fuller: The History (and Mystery) of the Universe,” March 10-April 3, 2016, Ron Campbell, praised equally as a lead clown for Cirque de Soleil and a classical actor on the American stage, plays Bucky Fuller, a man who has been called the Leonardo da Vinci of the 20th Century. Engineer, architect, poet, mathematician, philosopher, futurist, innovator and visionary, Bucky was one of the first true global thinkers. Audiences are invited into Bucky’s playground, “Spaceship Earth,” in the infinite universe; a place that will surprise, make you marvel and laugh in astonishment while boggling your mind in the best possible way.

6) “Rapture, Blister, Burn.” April 21-May 15, 2016, playwright Gina Gionfriddo’s bright social comedy dares to put front and center the controversial question still facing 21st century women, “Can a woman have it all?” Her answer to the “career or family” conundrum is razor sharp and provocative in ways that challenge fixed notions from across the political spectrum.