San Diego Police comment on new cell law


The San Diego Police Department recently released the following information about the new wireless phone laws will take effect in California on July 1.

The Police Department will allow a 30-day grace period; thus we will begin issuing citations on these violations beginning August 1, 2008. This

does not include the California Highway Patrol or other agencies

  • on the local San Diego Police Department.

Additional details about the new laws include:

  • - Drivers can make emergency calls to emergency service agencies even if they do not have a hands-free device
  • - A minimum fine for the first offense (in San Diego County) is $97 and a second offense is $211
  • - Other law enforcement agencies in our county may or may not exercise a grace period
  • - These laws apply to anyone driving in the state of California; passengers are not affected
  • - The speaker function of your wireless phone is acceptable to use as a hands-free device
  • - Push-to-talk type phones are not acceptable to use under these laws
  • - It is acceptable to dial a cell phone but it is not recommended that drivers dial while driving
  • - If you are cited for either of these laws, the violation will appear on your driving record and remain there for 36 months but a point will not be added to your record