San Diego medical spa services: how to choose the right facility for optimal safety and natural results


By Stephen M. Krant, MD, FACS

What is a medical spa? Simply put, a medical spa combines the services and ambiance of a day spa with the technology, expertise and supervision of a medical clinic. Here in

San Diego, medical spa services

often include treatments that are not available at traditional spa venues. However, it is important to consider the following questions before choosing a spa to perform your procedure in order to ensure optimal safety and the best possible results.

Choosing a medical spa

Before selecting a spa, do some research and find out if the facility and technicians are properly licensed and experienced to perform advertised procedures.
  • Who is the owner?Depending on where you are, most medical spas must operate under the supervision and ownership of a medical doctor. However, there is no guarantee that said doctor is actually involved in the day-to-day procedures at his or her facility. Look at the spa’s website, call or stop by to find out if the doctor is present or actively engaged in facility operations.
  • Who performs procedures?Make sure your technician is properly licensed and trained to perform your selected procedure. Request before and after pictures of their work, and seek out referrals if possible. Many aesthetic procedures, including laser hair removal and cosmetic injections, can be very dangerous if administered by inexperienced technicians. Never leave safety to chance.
  • Where does the equipment come from?Only trust the best quality, most up-to-date equipment, especially when it comes to laser and rejuvenation procedures. Find out whether or not your doctor uses the latest equipment for his or her spa, and don’t corners: opt for the best, and you will be more likely to experience good results.
  • What is the procedure designed to do?Research before and after photos and testimonials concerning your chosen procedure, and discuss realistic expectations with the spa’s medical doctor. Find out how many procedures will be needed to see results, and ultimately make your final choice based on your own needs and sense of safety and comfort.


SK Sanctuary

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