Rally for Change: More San Diego Communities in Need of Roadway Safety Improvements

By Michael Pines

In my last column, I reported on some of the road problems that La Jolla residents had been experiencing in our otherwise lovely city. In a neighboring community, the same issues are at stake.

The city of Coronado is an idyllic, beautiful San Diego gem. It has a low crime rate, beautiful scenery and it is home to some of the most beautiful real estate in all of San Diego – just like La Jolla. So how is it that a dangerous intersection has gone under the radar for so long? This is the precise question that Coronado residents are speaking out against in light of two tragic accidents that have occurred at the intersection of 4th Street and B Avenue.

The outpouring of concern follows on the heels of the tragic death of an elderly man at the intersection in question – only a year after a teenager in a separate incident was hit at the same location. The teen suffered a catastrophic brain injury as a result of the collision. Fortunately, he survived.

Now residents say the intersection is to blame. At the same time, residents are furious that nothing has been done to solve the issue that currently plagues the community.

According to San Diego Fox 5 New (5/26/2015), residents have urged city officials to make a change –fast –before another accident occurs, but nothing has yet been done to prevent the next Coronado accident at that intersection. Officials place blame on “red tape” and they say that nothing can be done for at least the next three years.

Many residents have asked for a traffic light to be installed while others still remain split over the issue due to a potential decrease in property values. Other Coronado residents say they simply do not want the increase of traffic that a light may bring to the neighborhood.

Multiple municipal interests in the street have made the process to improvement even more entangled.

City council has not yet made a decision on what action will be taken on Third Street.

As for La Jolla roadway repairs, issues such as overgrown shrubbery, uneven sidewalks and potentially dangerous intersections remain. To read more about what can be done in our city, click here.


If you are like many Coronado residents hoping for a change, contact the City Council of Coronado and voice your concerns.

Coronado city council meets are held the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 4 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the south end of City Hall. To speak to the council directly, call the city clerk at (619) 522-7320.

As personal injury attorneys, we hope that a positive change is implemented in Coronado and La Jolla before another accident occurs. It’s never been more important to be proactive, even in the face of so-called “red tape.” We don’t need another senseless accident to prompt city officials to make a change.

Let’s do our part to make our voices heard.


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