San Diego home improvement is key to maintaining long-term property value

By Scott Murfey

This year, spring brings with it a host of good news for

San Diego home improvement

and construction industries, with high demand for real estate and steadily increasing prices boosting the need for building and remodeling work throughout the county. Of course, it’s no secret that our city’s enviable location along the California coast makes San Diego a highly desirable destination. But in today’s competitive market, this innate desirability seems to be escalating even higher.

As new homes and apartments go up around town, however, it remains critical for homeowners to keep their property well maintained in order to protect long-term value. No matter how well the local housing market is doing, nothing beats consistent repairs and a high-quality remodel to secure and even improve real estate value for the future.

Homebuilding market gets a springtime boost

National home building numbers are witnessing a swift climb this spring, according to a recent report from

The New York Times

  1. With construction permit rates increasing “at their fastest pace since 2008,” and single-family home construction rates at a 4-year high, prospects are good for a nationwide housing market recovery. Here in San Diego, market activity certainly reflects this trend, and demand for housing is such that new construction may be one of the best solutions to counteract the city’s tight real estate inventory. Then again, home remodeling can also pose a solution – either for sellers looking to improve value or for owners seeking to expand or upgrade their living situation as an alternative to moving out.

Protect real estate value with quality maintenance

Buying or owning a home in a desirable area like San Diego is a great first step towards a successful real estate investment. However, in order for the investment to retain and accrue value, it is vital for homeowners to make sure their homes are well maintained and up-to-date. Whether this means adding a room or two, landscaping the yard, upgrading appliances or simply keeping the structure in good repair, an experienced and talented general contractor is your best asset when it comes to ensuring long-term value for your home.


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